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Simply defined as the act of interlacing threads, weavings take the form of fabric, tapestries, table runners and more. Browse our weavings to explore styles and modalities preserved from ancient tradition and brought to life anew.

Woven baskets have been discovered in archeological digs around the world, confirming their use as household objects used for centuries. Lénna seeks to bring the utility and practicality of basket work to modern, urban life, drawing a thread from their ancient origins through to today.

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Our wall decor brings bold color, mixed textures, and long standing embellishment techniques to interior spaces. Inject dimensionality and visual interest to any space through Lénna Wall Decor.

Our lighting brings the time-honored traditions, handiwork, and craftsmanship of basket weaving to center-stage. Continuously linking the paths between old and new, these custom lighting creations infuse a special appeal to any room.



Taking up physical space and demanding attention, our sculptural works invite viewers to elicit their imaginations. Conceived primarily through basketry techniques, these decorative items create dialogue between people and spaces.

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