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Lénna founder, Lenna Keshishian, is a textile artist and designer who creates custom decor for interior spaces. After earning her Bachelor's degree from Temple University Tyler School of Art, Keshishian moved back to New York where she began working in the interiors industry and was eventually motivated to continue her education. She completed her Master’s degree at the Parsons School of Design MFA Textiles program at The New School. Soon after graduating in 2022, she founded Lénna, a creative production studio. Keshishian draws much of her inspiration from her heritage as an Armenian woman born and raised in New York, creating hybrid works that lie at the intersection between tradition and modern-day technology. With a background in fine arts and experience working in the interior design industry, Lenna hopes to revive appreciation for hand crafted objects.



Keshishian’s love of and curiosity for textiles and how they have been crafted for centuries has prompted her to explore all types of making techniques from weaving and crocheting to embroidery, beading, and basket weaving. Recognizing the history embedded within each of these techniques, Lénna always acknowledges traditional techniques. Embroidery as an art form, for example, is powerful and prevalent in ancient Armenian culture. As an Armenian who can see firsthand the major role of craft in her culture, Keshishian respects and studies traditional craft forms before implementing them into her own practice today.



Our materials are just as numerous and unexpected as our crafting techniques. Lénna sources their various materials by considering what each item signifies within a dialogue or story within each piece. Significant emphasis is placed on sustainably sourced materials, such as working with farms in upstate New York for alpaca and wool fibers or using recycled, soil-based compostable fibers as often as possible. Learn more about our materials here.



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